TxDOT Cooperative Research Program

The research conducted for TxDOT remains the cornerstone of the CTR program. For any given year, our TxDOT program comprises more than 65 projects, excluding interagency and other informal agreements.

These investigations span all four of the agency’s research areas and range from traditional subjects like pavements to the newer areas of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), air quality, and rail planning. CTR Deputy Director Robert Harrison directs the activities of the professional research staff.

As TxDOT’s program continues to undergo change, CTR remains committed to producing work of the highest quality for the citizens of Texas. Better pavements, stronger and more economical bridges, less traffic congestion, and demand-based solutions to urban passenger and freight movements create real, measurable, financial benefits. Safety programs alone have repaid the investment in the total research program many times over.

While meeting our educational objectives by training tomorrow’s transportation professionals, valuable benefits also accrue to those living and working in Texas. When appropriate, CTR partners with other universities, including UT Arlington, UT El Paso, Texas Tech University, UT San Antonio, UT Tyler, and Texas A&M.

As we continue cooperative research with TxDOT, we intend to build on a clear foundation of mutual success and achievement. CTR will continue to explore how best to work with TxDOT and other state agencies to provide to the citizens of Texas cost-effective products of quality.