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New technology could shorten your commute. Dr. Jen Duthie, former director of CTR’s Network Modeling Center, talks to Austin’s Fox 7 News about how Adaptive Signal Controls may shorten your daily commute.

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About Network Modeling Center

Researchers at the Network Modeling Center (NMC)

Researchers are actively engaged in fundamental research related to network models, with an emphasis on dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) models, and the application of DTA models to determine the system-level impacts of changes to the transportation network infrastructure.

Please visit our Research page for a summary of past and current research, and our Projects page for past and current model applications.

Click here to view the presentation from the first outreach meeting.

Why Dynamic Traffic Assignment?

DTA modeling allows us to examine the impacts that a change to the transportation network will have on travelers’ route choices throughout the network.

Since the modeling is done at a scale in between traditional macroscopic models, which produce performance measures averaged over periods of one hour or longer, and microscopic models, which are only capable of modeling very small areas such as part of a corridor, DTA can look at impacts over a sub-region and at a refined time scale.

For more information on DTA, please see “A Primer on Dynamic Traffic Assignment,” available on the Federal Highway Administration’s website.