Advanced Institute for Transportation Engineering and Management

The Advanced Institute continues its mission to increase the number, quality, and diversity of professionals entering the transportation sector. The institute is part of a national program that recruits, teaches, and mentors students entering the transportation field, with emphasis placed on the quality and diversity of that professional pool.

Established in 1990 in the Department of Civil Engineering, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering (CAEE) at The University of Texas at Austin and funded by the USDOT, the institute is part of the Southwest Region University Transportation Center (SWUTC) established by USDOT. The program is overseen by C. Michael Walton.

The institute recognizes that the planning, design, and management of the transportation infrastructure represents challenges that cut across traditional civil engineering disciplines. Accordingly, the institute is multimodal in scope and cross-disciplinary in perspective, addressing not only the broader aspects of infrastructure planning and management, but also its technical engineering requirements.

The academic program in the Advanced Institute builds on established strengths in civil engineering and in other university disciplines, including operations research, community and regional planning, computer science, and public affairs. Institute graduates contribute to the transportation sector through employment in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and firms engaged in providing services to transportation agencies, as well as through further advanced study in transportation.

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