Mac Shelby Award

Mac Shelby award presented to Brett Haggerty, 2018The M. D. “Mac” Shelby Award is presented annually by the Center for Transportation Research to honor a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Research project team member who has provided exceptional leadership. Recipients of the award demonstrate leadership, technical expertise, ability to address special challenges, and dedication to research.

Mac Shelby, the award’s namesake, was a 1933 University of Texas graduate in electrical engineering, a longtime research engineer with the Texas Highway Department (now TxDOT), from which he retired, and a Research Coordinator for the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University. Thus, he was associated with the two leading state engineering universities in Texas, as well as the state’s primary sponsor of transportation research.

In a letter proposing the establishment of the award in 1991, Dr. B. Frank McCullough, who was director of CTR at the time, praised Shelby as “a conscientious and dedicated individual who worked hard to provide the citizens of the state of Texas with an excellent highway system.”

Each year the award is announced at the CTR Annual Symposium.