2014 Symposium Poster Session

The following technical posters were presented at the 2014 CTR Symposium, Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The posters represent current transportation research projects being conducted at The University of Texas at Austin. Graduate students and professional researchers were on hand to answer questions about each research project.

Poster Titles

  1. Assessment of the Structural Condition of Galveston Airport Pavements after Hurricane Ike Using the Rolling Dynamic Deflectometer
  2. Characteristics of Foamed Asphalt Binders for Warm Mix Asphalt Applications
  3. Effect of Natural Asphalts on Mechanical Properties of Asphalt Composites
  4. Emulsified Asphalt Residue Recovery and Characterization Using Combined MAB‐DSR Procedure
  5. Establishing the Variation of DTA Results Using OD Matrices
  6. Implementing advanced methodologies for regional transportation planning
  7. Location‐Based Social Networking Data: An Exploration into the Use of a Doubly‐Constrained Gravity Model for Origin‐Destination Estimation
  8. Mobility Planning for the Dallas Horseshoe Project Procurement
  9. Multiagent Incentive‐based Locomotion Optimizer: Toll roads for autonomous vehicles in urban areas
  10. On the Impacts of Time Resolution in the Integration of Activity‐based and Assignment Models
  11. Presto! Innovative Access through the CTR-TxDOT Research Library Catalog
  12. Rate and Confinement Effect on Tensile Strength of Asphalt Binder
  13. A Rational Mixture Design for Pavement Concrete
  14. Reliability‐based Approach to Optimizing Pavement Preventive Maintenance Cycles Using the Method of Moments
  15. Subnetwork Analysis for Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models: Estimating Demand at Subnetwork Boundaries
  16. A Transit Route Choice Model for Application in Dynamic Transit Assignment
  17. Visualization Technology for TxDOT Deisgn and Construction Projects (3 related posters)
  18. Where are The Electric Vehicles? A Spatial Model for Vehicle-Choice Count Data

Research Topics

  • Construction and maintenance
  • Management and Operations
  • Materials
  • Planning and design
  • Testing
  • Transportation Operations
  • Transportation Network modeling
  • Vehicles