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CTR Grants Portal

(SharePoint site for UT researchers and staff)
The CTR Grants Portal is a transportation and civil engineering research SharePoint site where you can find a variety of research related resources. Included are links to the major grant sponsors and their active and open solicitations, a collection of Top Picks RFPs and Solicitations that include a summary of the project and links to the solicitation page, and links for information on student fellowships and scholarships. There are numerous document libraries that include OSP checklists, advice on budgets, and instructions for submitting your proposal via RMS. There are also definitions of various types of contracts and grants, as well as NSF and TRB templates and proposal guides. You can sign up to receive email updates on any section of the SharePoint site that you find useful and, as always, you can contact me at any time for more information or help finding funding or answering your proposal preparation questions. Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

The CTR Grants Portal extlink is UT EID and password protected.

RTI Resources




Download Adobe Reader to view PDFs.

RTI Guidelines for Proposals (including Implementations) and Modifications

RTI has issued new guidelines and templates for use in research proposals (including Implementations). These guidelines are available in the current release of the RTI Manual external link . RTI has also issued a University Handbook external link which, among other great information, outlines specific guidelines for use in composing a research proposal using the required documents below. Required Documents The documents listed below are required for every formal response to an RFP, including sole source. If a formal response omits required information, it is deemed non-responsive and will not be accepted for technical evaluation. RTI Main will issue a proposal due date upon release of the RFP. That submittal deadline date must be met, or the proposal will be rejected. This pertains to sole source proposals, also.

  • Cover Page (RTI form)
  • Itemized Budget, Exhibit A (RTI form)
  • Project Description, Exhibit B, consisting of:
    • Project Abstract
    • Implementation
    • Statement of Work (Work Plan)
    • Identification of Information Technology (IT) Deliverables to TxDOT
    • Assistance or Involvement by TxDOT
    • Deliverables Table (RTI form)
    • Schedule of Research Activities (RTI form or MS-Project WBS)
  • Background and Significance of Work
  • Research Staff and Facilities (RTI form)

If additional information is required for a specific project, that additional requirement will be stated in the Project Statement or Implementation Project Recommendation distributed in the RFP.

The new Deliverables Table (dated 5/2013) template (image)

The Background and Significance of Work is no longer a part of Exhibit B (which includes the Work Plan). This file is treated as a separate document of no more than 10 pages in length, and its information is used only during the evaluation of the proposal.

CTR/Contracts will issue the current templates directly to the RS or upon request. Modification Guidelines RTI has issued updated guidelines for modifications, as discussed in the University Handbook .

Download Adobe Reader to view PDFs.

RTI Out-of-state Travel Requests

Submit an RTI Out-of-State Travel form (revision date: 1/2011) to the Contracts Office at CTR (requires minimum of 10 business days for RTI approval).

Information needed:

  • Project number
  • Name of person traveling
  • Travel dates and destination
  • Sponsor and title if attending a seminar, workshop, or conference
  • Specific purpose and benefit to meet project objectives (very important for approval)
  • Estimated costs (should be according to state guidelines for mileage, lodging and meals)
  • Other charges as needed should be explained in the other items/expense notes
  • Signature of employee and supervisor
  • Abstract of paper for RTI review if a presentation

Note: Final approval will come from the Project Manager (PM) once the out-of-state travel request is submitted by the CTR Contracts Office.

Things to consider:

  • Dates of travel must be within the fiscal year of project.
  • Was the travel budgeted in the project agreement?
  • Is there money in the budget for this particular travel?
  • How does this travel benefit TxDOT?

Download RTI Travel Form

Reminder of Project/Technical Findings

Before you, or any researcher on your project, publishes or submits a paper or presentation to a professional journal or conference, about a TxDOT sponsored project, make sure you have received any approval that may be required from TxDOT. In this context, publishing includes posting material on a non-secure Internet site. If the paper or presentation contains subject matter or technical findings substantially similar to those in a deliverable that TxDOT has already approved, you don’t need another TxDOT review. Send a courtesy copy to RTI, to help keep everyone aware of what is going on with the project. If the paper or presentation contains significant technical findings that have not been approved by TxDOT, you must obtain TxDOT’s approval before presenting it. Submit your material to the professional organization, such as TRB, and RTI at the same time. This usually allows enough time for review and approval by TxDOT prior to presentation or publication. When the preparation schedule does not allow adequate time for TxDOT review and approval, send an abstract of your material to RTI, along with a notice of when and where you intend to present the material. RTI will coordinate TxDOT’s review and approval of the abstract. Your paper or presentation must then include a statement that TxDOT has not reviewed your findings. Submit a copy of the complete material to RTI as soon as possible. If there is time before the material is scheduled to be presented, TxDOT will review your material, and you may be able to remove the disclaimer.

RTI Templates

The following documents are provided by the Contracts Office at CTR for your assistance. Please notify Ashley Williams if you have questions. All Excel workbooks reflect current and projected tuition rates.

In the portion of the travel voucher form where you enter Estimated Costs, after entering the first cost, TAB to the next entry and enter. Keep tabbing for the remaining cost entries. The form will automatically add up the costs. Before downloading, please read the important information concerning this document by clicking here.


CTR’s Contracts & Production Department handles the publishing process for research reports and products. Production is available to assist CTR researchers and staff with editing and graphics in special projects as well.

Editing Assistance

For general questions about deliverables, including requests for editing, please call Maureen Kelly at 512.232.3128 or send an e-mail.

Graphics Assistance

For information about graphics for a deliverable or for assistance with Powerpoint slides for events, contact Ashley Williams at 512.232.3085 or by e-mail.  


  • Product cover pageword-temp (Word template, 200 KB): Required first page for all products. Updated 07.02.14
  • Project Summary Report (PSR): Please see PSR guidelines, below, for instructions. Updated 9.26.06

Project Summary Report (PSR) Guidelines

For general information or any questions about PSR deliverables, including deadlines and procedures, please call Maureen Kelly at 512.232.3128 or send an e-mail.

Please do not format your summary with extensive formatting; TxDOT lays out the final publication. Just submit your PSR as a Word document, with an average of 800 words.

A graphic is not required, but may be included if it will most effectively convey the information. Text will then need to be shortened to make space for the graphic.

Note: The Technical Report Documentation Page (“DOT” page) is not required when submitting a PSR.

Below is a checklist for your use in preparing the submittal.

1. Begin the document by providing the following information:

  • [Title of PSR] (must be different from project title and titles of other reports)
  • Project Summary Report [#-####-S] – include project prefix (Ex. “0-1234-S”)
  • [Project #-####]: [project title]
  • Research Team-the names of all the researchers who should be credited in the PSR

2. In the body of the PSR, include these four headings and accompanying text:

  • Background – a brief description on the purpose and scope of the project and why the research was important.
  • What the Researchers Did - a brief summary of project activities, and problems encountered, if any.
  • What They Found – a summary of the research findings and what conclusions can be drawn from them, and whether or not the findings were as anticipated.
  • What This Means – suggestions from the research team for putting project findings to use.

Brand Style Guide


The CTR brand style guide is available online for reference. Access the guide by clicking here.