About the Library

About the Library

CTR Library contains all reports published by the Center and serves as an official repository of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Research Program. The entire collection contains an additional 17,000+ titles of other transportation-related research from different agencies (FHWA, AASHTO, TRB, state-level transportation agencies, City of Austin, SWUTC, and more). The total collection consists of more than 30,000 print volumes; full-text links are provided for nearly 50% of the collection.

CTR Library services and resources are available to students, researchers, agencies, and the public. Visit our Library Services FAQ page for more information.


Library services are available without charge.

See the Library Services FAQ page for more information.


8am–12pm and 1pm–5pm, Monday–Friday*

*Excluding UT holidays

Chat Reference Service

2–4pm, Monday–Friday + additional times based on staff availability
Use the chat box on this page or one of the following IM services:
AIM: ctrlibrary
Text Message*: To begin, text our AIM user name “ctrlibrary:” to 265010

*Data usage fees may apply.

Social Media

Our twitter feed includes updates about new publications, alerts about local and national transportation events, publication deadlines, suggested research tools, and more.

Our Pinterest boards are focused on a variety of transportation topics, events, library information, and useful research tools. Follow the ones that most interest you or follow them all!

We are in the process of digitizing archived TxDOT Research Videos to add to our YouTube channel. Our graduate assistants publish video tutorials to help you use research databases.

The library is pleased to share news, updates, and other interesting information on the Center’s Facebook page. This page is focused on items of interest for CTR researchers, including students.

Library staff also contribute to CTR’s WordPress Blog. This information is also reposted on the Center’s Facebook page.

Photos of the library and recent CTR events are archived on Flickr.