TDLS in Transportation, Lecture 3

Lecture 3

Dr. William H.K. Lam on Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Hong Kong: Opportunities and Challenges

CTR was delighted to present Prof. William H.K. Lam of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), as the feature speaker at our June 14 event.

Due to the topography and urban development constraints of Hong Kong, there are hardly any available spaces for further expansion of the existing road transport network. Recent development of advanced technologies and availability of Big Data provide opportunities and challenges for development of smart transportation systems in Hong Kong with the use of multi-source data and emerging technologies. In this presentation, an overview of recent development of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in Hong Kong road network will firstly be given together with further extensions to reliability-based ITS. It will cover the challenges encountered for ITS development in Hong Kong, the provision of real-time road traffic information using limited available data from multiple sensor systems (on-line data) in combination with historical data (off-line data), and a reliability-based routing service with on-time arrival probability, etc. The potential research and development on the extensions of ITS in Hong Kong will also be discussed together with the opportunities and challenges ahead.