Natalia Ruiz Juri

Natalia Ruiz Juri University of Texas

Natalia Ruiz Juri is the Director of the Network Modeling Center (NMC), where she leads the development and enhancement of advanced regional traffic modeling tools for their use in practice. Dr. Ruiz-Juri’s research seeks to combine new data sources, advanced computational resources, and modeling in order to enable more efficient transportation systems. In collaboration with the Texas Advanced computing Center (TACC), she has developed a powerful tool for the visualization of advanced modeling results, and enabled the use of high-performance computing systems in real-world modeling. Her most recent research interest is the continued development of the Data Rodeo, a collaborative effort with TACC to build an environment to promote replicable and transferable data-centric research by providing access to large and complex data from multiple sources.

Dr. Ruiz-Juri has participated in numerous projects for local, state, and federal transportation agencies. She has also conducted training workshops on advanced transportation models in the US and Latin America, and presented the NMC work at national and international conferences.

Dr. Ruiz-Juri pursued her graduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin as a Fulbright Scholar, and has published research in peer-reviewed journals on various transportation topics, including network modeling, data analysis, and various modeling applications, such as evacuation and work zone management.

Research Interests

> Travel demand modeling
> Network modeling
> Dynamic traffic assignment