City of Austin Data Rodeo

The vision of the Data Rodeo is for Austin to realize the full potential of big data in transportation by bringing all the relevant data together into a single federated data source and to foster transparency by making as much of this data as possible freely and openly available to the public. CTR will work closely with the City of Austin to develop and implement the initial Data Rodeo plan and will continue to assist with the ongoing maintenance of the project and support its expansion. The Data Rodeo was articulated within the context of the US DOT Smart City Challenge grant. Much of the planning work that went into the initial effort can be reused, but there will also be changes that have to be made to repurpose that material for our current setting.

Publications related to the Data Rodeo effort include:
Pandey, V., Xu, W., Huang, L., Liu, S., Ruiz Juri, N. “Processing large-scale video data to support transportation safety, planning, and operations: a flexible approach to data storage and integration”
Pandey, V., Ruiz Juri, N. “Using National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) for Corridor Performance Measures: A US 281N Corridor Case Study”
Huang, L., Xu, W., Liu, S., Pandey, V., Ruiz Juri, N. “Enabling Versatile Analysis of Large Scale Traffic Video Data with Deep Learning and HiveQL”
“Understanding the Value of TNC Data in Transportation Planning and Operations: An Exploration of the Ride Austin Data Set”

Work products related to the Data Rodeo include:
Web-based application for corridor travel time analysis using Bluetooth data
Web-based tool for RideAustin ridership data analysis
Web-based tool to visualize the impact of flooding on roadways
Website to document web-based tools and on-going research