Natalia Ruiz Juri

Natalia Ruiz Juri University of Texas

Natalia Ruiz Juri is a Research Associate at CTR and Director of its Network Modeling Center. She completed her undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering in 2001 at the National University of Cordoba, in Argentina, and joined the civil engineering program at The University of Texas at Austin as a Fulbright Scholar in Fall 2002. She obtained her Master’s degree working in integrated land-use and transportation issues in Fall 2004, and her Ph.D. specializing in transportation network modeling in 2008.

As a graduate research assistant and post-doctoral fellow at UT, Dr. Ruiz Juri was involved in a variety of projects for the Texas Department of Transportation and other agencies. She also implemented Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) in regions including Dallas/Fort Worth, Central Texas, and New Jersey.

Dr. Ruiz Juri is interested in utilizing innovative data sources and advanced computational capabilities to improve the efficiency and accuracy of large-scale transportation network models, as well as in developing tools for the visualization and analysis of large transportation data sets for use by researchers and practitioners.

Selected Publications