Technical Quarterly: An Exchange of Ideas

Technical Quarterly: An Exchange of Ideas

Technical Quarterly was a quarterly newsletter created and issued by the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation’s Research Office (now the Texas Department of Transportation’s Research and Technology Implementation Office) from 1984 to 1997.

The newsletter was dedicated to information dissemination and technology transfer for the transportation community. CTR Library has digitized the archive as part of its contract with TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Office (RTI).


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Volume 1

vol.1 no.1: September 1984, Cover story: “Against the Tide: Channel and Erosion Control”
vol.1 no.2: Winter 1985, Cover story: “In-Place Recycling with the Wirtgen Remixer”
vol.1 no.3: Spring/Summer 1985, Cover story: “Recognition of Tender Mixtures”
vol.1 no.4: Fall 1985, Cover story: “from Concrete–A Faithful Servant”

Volume 2

vol.2 no.1: Winter/Spring 1986, Cover story: “The Crescent Study”
vol.2 no.2: Summer/Fall 1986, Cover story: “Traffic Buttons and Bituminous Adhesive: A Faster Placement Method”

Volume 3

vol.3 no.1: Spring 1987, Cover story: “Evaluation of Asphalt Additives, Part I”
vol.3 no.2: Summer/Fall 1987, Cover story: “Profilographs and Construction Quality”

Volume 4

vol.4 no.1: Spring 1988, Cover story: “Wet Weather Pothole Repair”
vol.4 no.2: June 1988, Cover story: “Hot Weather Concreting Tips”
vol.4 no.3: October 1988, Cover story: “Innovative Guard Rail Placement”
vol.4 no.4: February 1989, Cover story: “District Twenty’s Sign Mounting Bracket”

Volume 5

vol.5 no.1: June 1989 Cover story: “D-10 Implements the Technology Transfer System (TTS)”
vol.5 no.2 October 1989, Cover story: “Polymer–Modified Slurry Seal”
vol.5 no.3: February 1990, Cover story: “Low-Maintenance Attenuator Performs Well”
vol.5 no.4: July 1990, Cover story: “Aesthetics and Design: A High Tech Construction Solution in San Antonio”

Volume 6

vol.6 no.1: October 1990, Cover story: “Mower–Thrown Object Accidents”
vol.6 no.2: March 1991, Cover story: “Reusable Guardrail End Treatment”
vol.6 no.3: July 1991, Cover story: “Fracture Critical Bridges: What Districts Need to Know”
vol.6 no.4: October 1991, Cover story: “Odessa Turns to ‘Forensic’ Engineering”

Volume 7

vol.7 no.1-2: May 1992, Cover story: “TXMLS–It’s Your Machine”
vol.7 no.3: September 1992, Cover story: “Scour Detection of High Water”

Volume 8

vol.8 no.1: March 1993, Cover story: “Hot Mix Asphalt Center Begins Inspector Evaluations”
vol.8 no.2: July 1993, Cover story: “New Hot Mix Design Procedure for Coarse Matrix High Binder Mixtures”
vol.8 no.3: October 1993, Cover story: “Save Money and the Environment with El Paso District’s Innovative Asphalt/Emulsion Reclaimer”
vol.8 no.4: March 1994, Cover story: “TXDOT Assess Impact of Highway Operations on Water Quality/Quantity”

Volume 9

vol.9 no.1: August 1994, Cover story: “Metcon: TXDOT Metric Conversion Utility”
vol.9 no.2: October 1994, Cover story: “Redfish Bay and Morris and Cummings Cut: Innovations in Bridge Construction and Durability”
vol.9 no.3: March 1995, Cover story: “Electric Car Conversion: A Success Story”
vol.9 no.4: July 1995, Cover story: “Visualizing the Transportation Environment: New Technologies Create Life-Like Images”

Volume 10

vol.10 no.1: October 1995, Cover story: “‘Know Your Vital Signs’ Campaign Kicks Off Successfully”
vol.10 no.2: March 1996, Cover story: “Controlling Vegetation Under Guardrails”
vol.10 no.3-4: August 1996, Cover story: “Repairing Damaged Prestressed Girders”

Volume 11

vol.11 no.1: March 1997, Cover story: ” ‘Galloping’ Signal Arms: A Method to Damp the Motion”