Models in Planning for Integrated Transport and Energy Systems

When: May 30, 2023    from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
Location: ECJ 1.322     Zoom Meeting ID: 913 9731 5936

As transport and energy systems become increasingly integrated and interdependent, activity-based models of travvel demand can play a role not only in transport planning and policy but also in energy systems planning. In this talk, Dr Sivakumar will draw on various research projects and papers to present the aspects of the activity-based model that are relevant to energy systems – ranging from building occupancy to flexibility in electric vehicle charging patterns. Activity-based models present a big opportunity to improve planning and policy-making for integrated infrastructures, however, the challenges in practice are also significant. The talk will dwell on some of these challenges and discuss potential solutions, with a view to sharing my learning over the years but also to setting a research agenda for the future.

Aruna Sivakumar (reader in consumer behavior and urban systems at the Center for Transportation Studies at Imperial College London)

Dr Sivakumar’s research expertise is in activity-based travel demand modelling, micro-econometric modelling of travel behaviour, accessibility and equity analysis, social influence impacts of consumer choice behavior, transport planning and policy, covering a wide range of application areas including shared mobility services, private and fleet electric vehicles etc. Over the last decade, she has developed particular expertise in interdisciplinary transport and energy research.

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