Building an Open-Source Ecosystem for Large-Scale Intermodal Transportation

When: June 23, 2023 2pm -3pm

Location: ECJ 3.122
Zoom ID: 958 1258 1570

As the world moves towards cost-effective and sustainable solutions, intermodal freight transportation has become crucial for efficiently
transporting goods across the country using multiple modes. This webinar will present the General Modeling Network Specification (GMNS) & discuss application of machine learning for replicating real-time systems and optimizing modal choices.

It will also present recent advances in open-source optimization, benchmarking, and open data ecosystems for TRB network modeling communities. This includes the development of two opensource transportation assignment & routing engines, Path4GMNS and TransOMS, on generic networks involving road, rail, and water for enhanced system performance.

Dr Xuesong (Simon) Zhou (Associate Professor, Arizona State University)

Dr. Peiheng Li (Senior operations Research Specialist, Norfolk Southern Corporation)


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