2022 September

Research Digest, September 2022: TxDOT Research

Research Digest, September 2022: TxDOT Research

The September 2022 issue of the Research Digest is now available for download from the CTR Library’s website. This month’s digest provides abstracts for 14 recent publications from the research program sponsored by TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Division​ (RTI). The research projects represented here cover a wide range of topics. This issue includes reports …

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External Advisory Committee

A Snapshot of CTR Research Posters from the September 2022 Meeting of the CTR External Advisory Committee Latest Advances in Resilience of Infrastructure Systems PI: Dr. Zhanmin Zhang Authors: Kyle Bathgate & Dr. Zhanmin Zhang Presenter: Kyle Bathgate This poster summarizes recent projects completed by Dr. Zhanmin Zhang’s Resilient Infrastructure and Smart Cities (RISC) Lab. …

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