Research Digest, December 2021: TxDOT Research Video Summary Reports

The December 2021 issue of the Research Digest is now available for download from the CTR Library’s website.decorative image for TxDOT research

This month’s digest is a special issue. It provides abstracts for 16 video summary reports from the research program sponsored by TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Division​ (RTI).

The research projects represented here cover a wide range of topics. This issue includes video summaries on evaluating bridge behavior using ultra-high resolution next-generation digital image correlation; the use of geothermal energy for de-icing approach pavement slabs and bridge decks; the development of guidelines and design program for hot-mix asphalts containing RAP, RAS, and other additives; the quantification of the performance of preventive maintenance and rehabilitation strategies; and the development of guide signing for long term work zones. Links to online videos for each summary report are provided in the digest.

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Posted by Michael Nugent  |  Category : CTR Library