Focus on Research

Focus on Research

Focus on Research was a newsletter prepared by the Center for Transportation Research for the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation (now the Texas Department of Transportation) as part of the Office of Research and Technology Transfer Departmental Information Exchange program from 1993-1995.

The purpose of the newsletter was to update engineers and technicians on items of interest in active and upcoming research projects. CTR Library has digitized the archive as part of its contract with TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Office (RTI).


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Volume 1

vol.1 no.1 (July 1993)
vol.1 no.2 (September 1993)
vol.1 no.3 (October 1993)
vol.1 no.4 (November 1993)
vol.1 no.5 (December 1993)
vol.1 no.6 (January 1994)
vol.1 no.7 (February 1994)
vol.1 no.8 (March 1994)
vol.1 no.9 (April 1994)
vol.1 no.10 (May 1994)
vol.1 no.11 (June 1994)
vol.1 no.12 (July 1994)

Volume 2

vol.2 no.1 (August 1994)
vol.2 no.2 (September 1994)
vol.2 no.3 (October 1994)
vol.2 no.4 (November 1994)
vol.2 no.5 (December 1994)
vol.2 no.6 (January 1995)
vol.2 no.7 (February 1995)
vol.2 no.10 (June/July 1995)
vol.2 no.11 (August 1995)
vol.2 no.12 (September 1995)

Volume 3

vol.3 no.1 (October 1995)