CTR Commuter Diversity: Carpooling

CTR Commuter Diversity: Carpooling

As transportation researchers, we are all too familiar with the causes of congestion. And as the saying goes, “you are not stuck in traffic—you are traffic.” So we try to do our part to reduce our impacts on the Austin network in a variety of ways, participating in such congestion-mitigation practices as carpooling, bicycling, and …

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CTR’s Transparent Sound Wall Project Wins TxDOT Award

CTR’s Transparent Sound Wall Project Wins TxDOT Award

Each year TxDOT’s Environmental Affairs Division recognizes departmental projects that meet TxDOT’s transportation goals while also protecting the environment by bestowing the Environmental Achievement Awards (EAA). To be eligible for an EAA, the exemplary project must both enhance the natural and human environment and arise from district initiative (rather than from a state mandate). CTR …

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TxDOT Sound Barrier in Dallas

For anyone living in a densely populated urban area located next to a big highway moving lots of cars, they will testify to the amount of noise the roadways can generate. It significantly impacts the surrounding neighborhoods, and adversely affects their quality of life. Such was the case in the Dallas neighborhood of Edgefield off …

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Kara Kockelman: what in your field could make the world a better place?

Professor Kara Kockelman responds to the question “What in your field could make the world a better place?” With population and standards of living rising, associated transportation congestion, energy demands and environmental impacts are serious concerns. In terms of advances that will enhance our future, I am most excited about vehicle sharing, vehicle propulsion and …

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