Annual Symposium

The D-STOP symposium series is intended to share our research with individuals in the industry (associated with automotive manufacturers, wireless communications technology, and intelligent transportation systems) as well as leaders of State Departments of Transportation. The hope is that, together, we can use the symposium not only to disseminate and learn from cutting edge research of relevance, but also as a vehicle to work toward ways to reduce the incubation time from research to implementation. Also, the opportunity for our researchers to network and interact with industry and public government leaders will contribute to research activities of the D-STOP Center, while also serving to foster additional technology transfer pursuits of D-STOP. In addition, the opportunity for our D-STOP students to meet with, and interact with, leaders in the industry and public government agencies is an important element of D-STOP’s proposed education and work force development efforts.

We’ll post details for the 2019 D-STOP Symposium as soon as we have them. Feel free to visit the archive pages for our previous events:

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