Nan Jiang

Nan Jiang University of Texas
Ph.D., PE
Research Associate

Quick Facts on Nan Jiang

  • Earned a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from The University of Texas at Austin, an M.S. degree in Transportation Engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai, China and a B.S. in Transportation Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China
  • Manages the Freight Modeling Lab which conducts freight related studies including commodity flow modeling, economic analysis of freight corridor improvement projects, urban freight study, truck size and weight study, etc.
  • Has a wide range of background in transportation, including network modeling, travel demand modeling, freight modeling, truck size and weight study, safety and traffic analysis.
  • Has been or is currently involved in various projects with a wide range of topics including freight value; freight project economic analysis; pavement, bridge and safety impact of oversize/overweight vehicles; wildlife crossing; autonomous and connected vehicle, etc.
  • Acted as reviewer for various journals and conferences including Transportation Research Part B, Part C, Transportation Research Record, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Optimization Methods and Software etc.

Areas of Research

  • Freight Modeling and Planning: sustainable urban freight systems, truck platoon, freight data
  • Transportation sustainability: electric vehicles, environmental impact of transportation and safety
  • Regional and Urban Network Modeling: traffic assignment, network routing, and network design
  • Infrastructure Systems: facility location optimization, infrastructure investment, project selection