D-STOP Presentations at Home and Abroad

ABM Workshop in Shanghai, July 2016

ABM Workshop in Shanghai, July 2016

Our researchers continue to be in demand, and continue to provide their expertise to a variety of outlets. Following is a small sampling of the many presentations made worldwide in the last six months of 2016. For a more comprehensive listing, see our Presentations page.

Robert Heath

Dr. Heath was invited as a panelist for a session on “LTE Advanced Pro” at the IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2016-Fall), Montreal, Canada in September 2016. A critical enabler of the smart phone revolution is the widespread deployment of 4G LTE systems. The panel of academic and industrial experts from both the vendor and carrier community discussed the specific drivers and market needs, the technologies and capabilities, research directions as well as deployment strategies associated with LTE-Advanced Pro. At the same conference, Dr. Heath was also a Keynote Speaker for a workshop on Cellular Internet of Things—Emerging Trends and Enabling Technologies. The focus of the workshop was on the evolution of cellular technologies to support low-power wide-area Internet of Things (IoT) services, related requirements, commercial use cases, field experiments and performance results.

Steve Boyles

Dr. Boyles presented at the Smart Transport Symposium in August 2016, held Austin, Texas in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation. This symposium brought together researchers from UT Austin, the Texas Transportation Institute, and TxDOT on the topic of connected and automated vehicles. Dr. Boyles delivered a presentation on DSTOP-related research on the impacts of these vehicles on traffic operations and control.

Jen Duthie

Dr. Duthie was invited to speak about efforts being undertaken in her project entitled “Transportation Data Discovery Environment (TDDE)” at an Open Austin monthly meeting in August 2016. Open Austin is the local Code for America brigade and is interested in opening up public sector data and completing projects that achieve public good with the data. She discussed D-STOP efforts with transportation data (Data Rodeo), and brainstormed ways to collaborate.

Chandra Bhat

Dr. Bhat orchestrated a workshop on the Activity-Based Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Human Travel Behavior in Shanghai in July 2016. This executive short course introduced attendees to the activity-based approach to travel behavior analysis, focusing on data-supported transportation planning and operations (D-STOP) opportunities, and a number of unique elements of the activity-based modeling framework that have been implemented in the Los Angeles area and are scheduled to be implemented in the New York area. While in China that month, Dr. Bhat also contributed to presentations at the 16th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2016) and at the International Workshop on ICT, Activities, Time Use and Travel.


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