D-STOP Pursues Workforce Education Mission


Students are an essential component of our research program, working on real-world innovations and applications.

D-STOP continues its workforce education mission, using a variety of approaches to reach out to the next generation of engineers. Here is a sampling of some of our efforts:

2016 Summer Internship: D-STOP supported four undergrad interns in the third annual University Transportation Center-Undergraduate Internship (UTC-UI) program hosted at The University of Texas at Austin. Three interns were from UT Austin—Maximilian Grether, Katherine Smith, and Diego Neri—and the fourth, Jesus Osorio, was from Valparaiso University. Each intern participated in a research project related to the D-STOP center, and were assigned to faculty and researchers associated with CTR. The interns attended weekly seminars consisting of lectures by experts in both wireless networking and transportation research; these seminars served as the basis for conversations on research lying at the intersection of these fields. The interns were also involved in professional development and social activities organized by the student chapters of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and ITS America. Following is the seminar schedule and topics:

  • June 2: Dr. Jennifer Duthie  Data Rodeo: A Cyberinfrastructure for Transportation Data” [D-STOP Researcher]
  • June 9: Dr. Steve Boyles  “Transportation, Networks, and Paradoxes”  [D-STOP Researcher]
  • June 16 Dr. Randy Machemehl  “Research in System Operations”
  • June 23: Dr. Amit Bhasin   “Sustaining a Three Trillion Dollar Ubiquitous Asset”
  • June 30: Dr. Chandra Bhat   “Predictive Analytics for Transportation Planning and Operations in a World of Big Data”  [D-STOP Researcher]
  • July 7: UTC-UI Interns  First Set of Intern Presentations 
  • July 14: Dr. Jorge Prozzi   “Research Issues in Pavement Engineering”
  • July 21: Dr. Michael Murphy  “Narrow Pavement Widening Best Practices”
  • July 28: Dr. Kara Kockelman   “Anticipating a World of Shared Autonomous Vehicles: Cost, Energy, and Urban Implications”
  • August 4: Dr. Christian Claudel  “A Fast Semi Analytical Scheme for Forward Simulation of Moving Bottlenecks in LWR Model”
  • August 12: UTC-UI Interns  UTC-UI 2016 Final Presentations & Farewell Reception

Advancing Workforce Skillset: Dr. Jennifer Duthie was called in May to testify on CTR’s role in Austin’s proposal for the Smart City Challenge at a hearing held by the Texas House of Representative Transportation Subcommittee on Long-term Infrastructure Planning. State Representative Ron Simmons invited Duthie to speak in response to an article she co-authored with Chandra Bhat titled “Texas could be an incubator to solve national transportation problems.” In the article, Duthie and Bhat address how researchers and government entities can work together to create an effective transportation model in Austin that can be replicated nationwide. Dr. Jennifer Duthie was invited to speak about efforts being undertaken in her project entitled “Transportation Data Discovery Environment (TDDE)” at an Open Austin monthly meeting in August 2016. Open Austin is the local Code for America brigade and is interested in opening up public sector data and completing projects that achieve public good with the data. She discussed D-STOP efforts with transportation data (Data Rodeo), and brainstormed ways to collaborate.

Post-Graduation Work with Researchers: Robert Heath, along with former students Ahmed Alkhateeb and Omar El Ayach,  received an IEEE Signal Processing Society Paper Award at the IEEE SPS ICASSP conference. Established in 1948, the IEEE Signal Processing Society is the world’s foremost society for signal processing scientists and professionals. Their 2016 SPS Young Author Best Paper Award went to Ahmed Alkhateeb, Omar El Ayach, Geert Leus, and Robert W. Heath, Jr., for “Channel Estimation and Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems,” which was published in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Volume 8, No. 5, October 2014.

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