D-STOP Business Advisory Council Expanded

Photo of two BAC members

BAC members J.D. Stanley (Cisco) [left] and Jim Dale (City of Austin Transportation Dept) both presented at the 2016 D-STOP Symposium. Photo by Lauren Bringle.

In preparation for the first official meeting of its Business Advisory Council (BAC), D-STOP added to the BAC with new members from the FHWA and RideScout, a transportation options app created here in Austin. See the full listing of members. This first meeting was held at CTR on March 31. The next day, several BAC members presented at the 2016 D-STOP Symposium, “Smart Cities” (see full details here); a few members had presented at the 2015 Symposium as well.

The BAC’s purpose is to help guide the direction of D-STOP’s overall research and education/workforce development efforts. Together, the intent is that D-STOP serves not only as a mechanism to undertake cutting edge research of relevance, but also as a vehicle to reduce the incubation time from research to implementation and contribute to the next generation of thought leaders. At this first meeting, the BAC meeting fulfilled their intended purpose by:

  • providing strategic planning advice to and input on the center activities,
  • reviewing a slate of project statements for research (many of which are now newly approved projects),
  • identifying research projects for further collaborative funding and possible implementation beyond the center’s funding, and
  • helping to facilitate the collaborative process of linking the Center with private, public, and policy entities, and with regional and national activities.

During the meeting, each D-STOP researcher described their projects’ activities for about 8–10 minutes, providing opportunities for brainstorming on future opportunities for collaboration.


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