Workforce Education Continues Apace

D-STOP continues its workforce education mission, using a variety of approaches to reach out to the next generation of engineers. Here is a sampling of some of our efforts:

exploreExplore UT: Held annually at UT Austin, Explore UT aims to inform students, parents, teachers, and community members from across the state about the importance of the public research institution and higher education in Texas. The day-long event invites Texans of all ages to experience robust research experiences, hands-on demonstrations and experiments, and participate in the richness of the university’s scholarship and knowledge. This year, Dr. Robert Heath and his students gave demonstrations of vehicular forward collision detection using a wi-fi based radar, presenting to people as young as 5 years old, and as old as 60. The younger children were particularly interested in radar.

Prospective Grad Student Lunch: Dr. Chandra Bhat and Dr. Stephen Boyles met with visiting prospective graduate students and current graduate students during a lunch meeting organized by the transportation graduate program in March 4. This session was designed to provide information to prospective graduate students of research currently being undertaken at UT Austin, including under the D-STOP Center. The presentation also discussed ways to ease the transition to graduate school, addressing the expectations students would face.

Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program: Two years running, Dr. Sriram Vishwanath has organized and directs a summer REU program at UT Austin, where nine undergraduates spend the summer working on research topics with different faculty. These students, primarily from underprivileged backgrounds, work with Dr. Vishwanath on a variety of topics related to D-STOP.

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