TxDOT Recognizes Dr. Oguzhan Bayrak’s Contributions

Dr. Bayrak is recognized for his structural work in Texas.

Dr. Bayrak is recognized for his structural work in Texas.

In December 2015 TxDOT’s Office of Research and Technology Implementation (RTI) bestowed the Recognition of Excellence Award on Dr. Oguzhan Bayrak, who has worked extensively on TxDOT research projects over many years. Dr. Bayrak recently served as the director of the Phil M. Ferguson Structural Engineering Laboratory and holds the Charles Elmer Rowe Fellowship in the Cockrell School of Engineering. He has been teaching for 15 years. Research interests include the behavior, analysis, and design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, bridge engineering, evaluation of concrete structures in distress, use of fiber-reinforced polymers for structural repair, and earthquake engineering.

In giving Dr. Bayrak this award, RTI  made special note of his contributions to TxDOT Project 5- 5253-03, Monitoring Stresses and Placing Sweep Control System in Innovative Prestressed, Precast Concrete Arches, where precast concrete arches were installed on the 7th Street Bridge in Fort Worth. He is currently leading Project 0-6831, End Region Behavior of Pretensioned Concrete Beams with 0.7-Inch Prestressing Strands, in which an innovative combination of analytical and experimental methods is being used to resolve the primary technical challenges of fabricating safe and serviceable Texas girders with implementation of new 0.7-inch strands into construction practice. RTI announced the award in their Winter 2015 newsletter.

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