UT Civil Engineering Ranked #2 in US

In March 2016 the 2017 U.S. News & World Report rankings were published for graduate programs.  CTR’s academic unit, the Cockrell School of Engineering, has maintained top 10 status.  Several departments within the School rank among the elite of their kind—including the Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering (CAEE).

Our Civil Engineering graduate program moved from a 2016 position of #3 to a 2017 position of #2 (tied with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).  This is the highest that our graduate program in Civil Engineering has ever been ranked in U.S. News and World Report, at least over the past 24 years for which we have records.  We are only 0.1 points from being tied with UC Berkeley for the #1 spot (4.6 vs. 4.7).  We are also the best buy, with the lowest tuition of any top ten program in civil engineering.  See a list of the top 10 civil engineering programs. CAEE is home to the Transportation Engineering graduate program, which features extraordinary levels of scholarship and accomplishment within the faculty and students.

The University of Texas has over 40 graduate programs rated in the top 10.  Importantly, Civil Engineering is one of the five highest ranked programs on the University of Texas campus by U.S. News and World Report.

The Cockrell School’s  Environmental and Water Resources Engineering program also did quite well, moving from a 2016 ranking of #6 to a 2017 ranking of #4 in Environmental Engineering/Health.  Among the top ten rated programs, ours is by far the best buy in terms of tuition.  See a list of the top 10 environmental engineering programs.

These rankings continue to place our graduate programs among the elite programs of their kind in the United States and across all graduate programs on The University of Texas at Austin campus. The stature that our community has earned reflects the tremendous efforts and accomplishments of engineering faculty, students, and alumni. Notes CAEE Department Chair Rich Corsi, “It also reflects the tireless effort and support provided to our faculty and students by staff across our CAEE community, and the tremendous effort that our past faculty made in helping to build our community into what it is today.”

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