2015 February 25

D-STOP Partner Center, WNCG, Welcomes New Director for Three-Year Term

Original article by Lauren Bringle The Wireless Networking & Communications Group (WNCG) is an instrumental component of the D-STOP center. Every few years, WNCG welcomes a new Director and Associate Director from among its faculty ranks. The outgoing director, as well as  the new director and associate director, are all D-STOP researchers. After completing his …

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Research Digest, Feb.2015: TRB reports

Research Digest, Feb.2015: TRB reports

The January 2015 issue of the Research Digest is now available for download from the CTR Library’s website. This month’s digest provides abstracts for 14 recent publications received at the library from the Transportation Research Board (TRB). The selected publications include syntheses of information and best practice guidelines on a variety of topics from TRB’s …

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