Dr. Gemar presents Guidelines For Applying Right-Turn Slip Lanes

On October 14, 2014, Dr. Mason Gemar presented at the 2014 Transportation Short Course in College Station, Texas. Dr. Gemar was invited to present on the development of design guidelines for applying right-turn slip lanes during the Design session. The content presented was based on a TxDOT-sponsored research project completed at CTR under the direction of Dr. Jen Duthie. The project involved investigating the design and implementation of right-turn slip lanes through a literature review and focus group meetings with TxDOT personnel, culminating in the creation of design guidelines and standard drawings for potential inclusion in TxDOT’s Roadway Design Manual.

Thumbnail image for first slide of YouTube video

A video of Dr. Gemar’s full presentation is available on YouTube.




The presentation slides are available for viewing on SlideShare.

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