Dr. Yildirim Presents at Paraguay’s First National Transportation Conference

Photo of Dr. Yildirim presenting at Paraguay’s First National Transportation Conference, October 2014

Dr. Yildirim was one of only two non-South-American speakers invited to present at Paraguay’s First National Transportation Conference.

Only two international guest speakers were invited to Paraguay’s First National Transportation Conference, and CTR’s Dr. Yetkin Yildirim was one of them. Dr. Yildirim’s presentation expanded international awareness of the future of pavement preservation, featuring materials recently developed at UT, and reached many prominent figures, including Paraguay’s President and Minister of Transportation. Held in October 2014, the conference speakers and attendees were primarily from Paraguay, but many other South American countries were also represented, including Uruguay, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

In his presentation titled “The Future of Pavement Preservation: Polymer/Water-Based Alternatives to Asphalt Sealants,” Dr. Yildirim provided attendees with an overview of the benefits and commonly used practices for pavement preservation. Dr. Yildirim then introduced attendees to the newly developed paving materials invented at UT and how these materials can improve common roadway construction and maintenance operations. His presentation explained that CTR researchers have recently developed cost-effective, eco-friendly materials for improving roadways, parking lots, airfields, and all other traffic-bearing surfaces. These water- and polymer-based materials encourage sustainability and have the exciting potential to revolutionize the field of asphalt pavement preservation. Multiple variations on the material are specifically engineered to address the many different types of distresses that occur in aging pavement structures. Applications include new construction, pavement preservation, and pavement repairs.

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