CTR researchers discuss AV issues at Austin’s Energy Thought Summit

An offshoot of the annual Energy Thought Summit (ETS) event, ETS@Austin is a one-day event fostering thought leadership for the energy field. Held this year on September 4, ETS@Austin’s thought leaders included CTR Director Chandra Bhat, who moderated a panel titled Autonomous Vehicle Technology & Transportation, and Dr. Mike Walton, a participant on the panel along with other prominent AV researchers. This was no PowerPoint presentation but a freewheeling, informal, and informative exchange session. Watch it here:

The panel was praised as “making a complicated topic easy to understand for all walks of executive life.” The day’s agenda also included panels on the topics of Texas Utilities of the Future, Mayors, CEOs, Next-Gen Energy, Start-Up, and Renewables+. Glenn Garland of CLEAResult delivered the keynote speech.

YouTube screenshot of panel in progress

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