USIT student interns, UT faculty, and CTR researchers will present lectures on transportation topics at UT Austin this summer

This summer at the Cockrell School of Engineering, student exploring in transportation research as a potential career are studying the many directions that such a career can take researchers. On June 20, 2012, ten students presented topics of interest as part of the Undergraduate Summer Internship in Transportation (USIT).

The student interns represent universities from many locations. Presenters included Bailey Harden (University of Alabama), Garrett Fullerton (University of South Carolina), David Kan (UIUC), Melissa Archer (Arizona State University), Jared Fusilier (McNeese State University), Kimberly Selph (Washington State University), Megan Hoklas (UT Austin), Aliz Logman (Washington State University), Cody Stone (University of Florida), and Jay Chmilewski (University of Maryland).

Throughout the summer, students and faculty will present summaries of research conducted on varied topics such as bike safety studies, transportation infrastructure, how the connected world changes transportation enterprise, the Panama Canal expansion’s impact on ports and the transportation of goods internationally, plug-in vehicles, travel demand models, network analysis, freight corridors, and materials used in the pavements used in roadways.

Faculty and professional researcher presenting this summer include Dr. Zhanmin Zhang, Dr. C. Michael Walton, Rob Harrison, Dr. Kara Kockelman, Dr. Randy B. Machemehl, Dr. Chandra Bhat, Dr. Stephen Boyles, Lisa Loftus-Otway, and Dr. Amit Bhasin.

Students participating in the USIT internship are exposed to active transportation research programs that cover a wide range of topics, including systems analysis, materials, design, management, traffic engineering and planning, modeling, testing, and multimodal systems. USIT is sponsored by the Advanced Institute for Transportation Infrastructure Engineering and Management, an organization whose mission is to increase the number, quality, and diversity of professionals entering the transportation sector.

Many of the transportation research projects discussed at USIT events are conducted through the Center for Transportation Research. UT Austin faculty and student researchers perform the research and produced research reports and products. Much of the work is funded by the Texas Department of Transportation.

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