2010 March

Dr. Kara M. Kockelman appointed to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Advisory Council

Dr. Kara M. Kockelman as been appointed to the USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Advisory Council. The Advisory Council for Transportation Statistic (ACTS) is composed of six members appointed by the Director. The members are chosen on the basis of their expertise in transportation statistics, economics, and analysis. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), as …

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UT’s Ghannoum, Rathje help in Haiti

“When the earthquake occurred, our organization decided to send a team,” Rathje said. “I was the leader, and I put the team together.” A veteran of visiting disaster sites, Rathje said the intensity of the Haiti quake was comparable to that of the 1995 earthquake in Turkey. While Turkey sustained damage during the ’95 quake, …

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Recent Awards for CTR Researchers

Congratulations to Chandra Bhat for being selected by the Student Engineering Council to receive the Most Outstanding Faculty Award for Civil Engineering. Congratulations to Ken Stokoe for being selected to receive the 2010 H. Bolton Seed Medal from the Geo-Institute of ASCE. He was recognized “for contributions to geotechnical earthquake engineering including the behavior of …

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