TRB awards “2009 Young Researcher Award” to UT authors

Kara Kockelman and Cara Wang received the 2009 Young Researcher Award this year from the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Statistical Methods (ABJ80) for paper titled “Application of the Dynamic Spatial Ordered Probit Model: Patterns of Ozone Concentration in Austin, Texas,” January 2010.

In related TRB news, Dr. Kockelmen will step down from her position as Chair of ABJ40 (Travel Survey Methods) in 2010. For three years, Kockelman headed this “32-member, 230-friends committee” and spent eight additional years as a member of ABJ40. She remains a member of this and two other TRB committees (ABJ80 & ADD30), also acting as chair of the North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International in November, 2009.

During Kockleman’s tenure, the Travel Survey Methods committee developed twenty Research Needs Statements and a wiki editible Travel Survey Manual.

The manual can be found at:

Also on UT Austin Engineering site:

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