CTR publishes report on Arterial Intelligent Transportation Systems

Applying Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to arterial systems allows TxDOT to significantly enhance transportation system operation efficiency and improve traffic mobility. However, no guidelines are available to assist TxDOT staff in selecting the most beneficial arterial ITS elements and desirable ITS technologies. To address these gaps, this study was initiated by TxDOT to investigate the arterial ITS elements, technologies, arterial performance measures, information dissemination technologies, and financial considerations for arterial ITS deployments and to enhance the arterial traffic operation efficiency.

A variety of techniques are available to monitor and manage the traffic on arterial roadways, and ITS applications can support many of these strategies. Evaluation of these ITS strategies and available technologies to meet TxDOT needs is the essence of this research project. The research addresses two TxDOT goals: making the current transportation system more efficient through innovative arterial ITS deployments, and maximizing the benefits of existing ITS infrastructure and new arterial ITS deployments. The research team first synthesized the state-of-the-art in arterial ITS technologies and management strategies. Then critical performance measures were investigated and identified through a survey study. Next, the most beneficial ITS elements were examined and desirable ITS technologies and solutions were identified for arterial management enhancement. Various traveler information dissemination modes were studied and evaluated, and the guideline was developed to prioritize arterials suitable for ITS implementations. Finally, a case study was conducted to demonstrate representative arterial ITS applications. It was found deploying ITS technologies can significantly improve arterial system operation efficiency. The study findings provide new knowledge and practical guidance to help TxDOT better utilize existing ITS infrastructure elements and to make wise investments in future arterial ITS applications.

Find the full report in the CTR Library catalog.

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