October 26, 2015

This year in Austin

Source: Austin Police Department Public Information Office

Compared to 2010-2014

As of 10/15/2015. Sources: Vision Zero Task Force, Austin Police Department.


  • Austin City Council recently adopted the Vision Zero policy and added action items to the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan.
    • Traffic deaths and injuries are a preventable public health issue. Any death is too many.
    • The transportation system should be designed so that mistakes aren't fatal.
    • Safety should be a primary consideration in transportation decision-making.
    • Traffic safety solutions must be addressed holistically.
  • New investments in infrastructure modifications:
    • Re-engineering dangerous intersections
    • Additional pedestrian hybrid beacons
  • Austin has also been making strides in providing open data about city government and civic life.

Fatalities and serious injuries

Fatalities and serious injuries

Time of day (2010-2015)

Pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries

Compared to other cities in Texas

Compared to other cities in Texas


  • As Austin invests in implementing Vision Zero, we can use open data to monitor progress.
  • We need to better understand variability of crash rates in order to assess progress with confidence and not be misled by noise.
  • What metrics are most important for assessing progress?