UTC-UI 2018 Summer Symposium Series Intern Final Presentations

August 10
UTC-UI Interns
ECJ 4.304
1:00-3:00 pm
UTC-UI 2018 Final Presentations


  • Sydney Abrisz, Washington and Lee University

  • Maria Cardenas, UT Austin

  • Rachel Cooper, University of Michigan

  • Sterling Burdine, UT Austin

  • James Lentz, UT Austin


Each summer D-STOP, in coordination with another USDOT Tier 1 research unit, the Center for Highway Pavement Preservation, hosts an 11-week summer internship for engineering undergraduates interested in transportation. The University Transportation Center (UTC) Undergraduate Internship (UI) provides interns with unique insight into transportation education and helps prepare them for a possible career in the field. The interns will attend a colloquium series (the Summer Symposium Series) designed to introduce them to different aspects of the transportation field. Held on Thursdays throughout the summer, these symposium sessions are not just for the interns—they are open to everyone in the research community.