SXSWinteractive: Assimilating Self-Driving Cars Into Our Society

03/12/2017 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
500 E 4th St, Austin, TX, United States
Address: 500 E 4th St, Austin, TX, United States

SXSW event:

“This presentation will discuss the difficult regulatory issues surrounding introducing self-driving cars onto our roadways. Many novel questions will be discussed, such as how to allocate liability for an autonomous vehicle, the self-driving cars’ impact on public transportation and infrastructure, and personal privacy concerns.

Speakers will offer a unique, insider’s perspective on public perceptions regarding automated and connected vehicles, and current legislative activities within the U.S. Self-driving cars are already a very real part of our society, and will soon be a constant presence in everyday life.”

Speakers include: Dr. Kara Kockelman, Lisa Loftus-Otway, and Alex Shahrestani