2017 CTR Symposium Showcases Diverse Topics

Jianming Ma with Shelby Award

UT Vice President of Research Daniel Jaffe presents the Shelby Award to TxDOT’s Jianming Ma

This year’s event demonstrated our tremendous range of transportation expertise, encompassing next-generation connected/autonomous vehicle technologies, freight trends, a tool to assist in the legislative planning process, and methods to maximize the lifespan of structures. Complementing the day’s presentations was a poster session that allowed participants to meet with UT Austin graduate student researchers and transportation faculty, who demonstrated progress and preliminary findings in 15 active projects. See the day’s photo album.

We also announced this year’s winner of the Mac Shelby Award, which honors a TxDOT research staff member who has provided exceptional leadership, technical expertise, the ability to address special challenges, and dedication to research. That honor went to Jianming Ma of the Traffic Operations Division, who has provided valuable assistance as a Project Monitoring Committee member on several high-profile autonomous vehicle projects (and who happens to be a CTR alum).

CTR researchers presented on these topics:

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Where are we going and what happens when we get there? / Chandra Bhat, James Kuhr (View PowerPoint) Based on information from D-STOP Report 122 (Download PDF)
  • New Panama Canal Locks: Open for Business / Rob Harrison (View PowerPoint)
  • Development of the State Legislative Affairs (SLA) Truck Configuration Library / Mike Murphy (View PowerPoint)
  • IMU-Based Road Condition Monitoring / Christian Claudel (View PowerPoint)
  • Extending the Life of Steel Girder Bridges through the Use of Post-Installed Shear Connectors  / Michael D. Engelhardt (View PowerPoint)

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