Webmaster Kevyn Barnes Honored by Special Libraries Association

CTR’s webmaster Kevyn Barnes

Our esteemed webmaster, Kevyn Barnes, was named the 2017 Chair-Elect-Elect for the Transportation Division of the Special Libraries Association (SLA). This is a three-year appointment, with responsibilities increasing each year. In 2017 Kevyn is working with other board members on Division issues and is responsible for organizing the Division’s program for the 2018 SLA annual conference in Baltimore, which she’ll help lead as 2018 Chair-Elect. In 2019, she will lead the Division activities as Chair. The Transportation Division is a primary network for DOT Librarians and the transportation information community, and CTR has long been contributing to the organization. Most recently, at the 2016 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, Kevyn gave two presentations about how the library has designed its catalog to better assist transportation researchers. In addition to her work with the SLA, Kevyn joined the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Library and Information Science for Transportation (LIST) Committee, where she’ll serve from 2017 to 2020. LIST serves as a forum for developments in information science as they relate to the transportation community. She also serves as a Friend on two other TRB committees: the Standing Committee on Transportation History and the Task Force on Knowledge Management.

Kevyn has distinguished herself in the CTR Library by creating the new TxDOT Projects database, designing and migrating to a new online catalog, and opening our collection to Google indexing; she also oversees the continued digitization of and access to Texas research reports in our collection. Congratulations to Kevyn for being recognized for her contributions to the field of library sciences!

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