CTR Named BTIC for Texas Triangle

The USDOT selected CTR as a Beyond Traffic Innovation Center (BTIC), one of eighteen nationwide. In their recently released report, Beyond Traffic 2045, the USDOT outlines America’s growing need for improvements to its transportation system and designated these eighteen BTICs to address that need. The USDOT identified eleven megaregions in the US that require particular attention, and designated at least one BTIC in each megaregion. CTR has been assigned the Texas Triangle in recognition of CTR’s role as a forward-thinking and influential institution. The CTR BTIC will convene decision-makers in the Texas Triangle and coordinate related research, curriculum, outreach, and other activities. CTR’s overarching vision for the BTIC is to build ladders of opportunity by working with our researchers and students to address the fundamental questions identified in Beyond Traffic 2045.

UT Austin’s BTIC team has seven core members:

  • Dr. C. Michael Walton – Dr. Walton is a Professor of Civil Engineering and holds the Ernest H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering. Dr. Walton is a nationally and internationally recognized authority in transport systems engineering and policy analysis. For the proposed Beyond Traffic Innovation Center, Dr. Walton will serve as the designated Beyond Traffic Coordinator.
  • Dr. Chandra Bhat – Dr. Bhat is a Professor and holds the Adnan Abou-Ayyash Centennial Professorship in Transportation Engineering, where he also serves as director of both CTR and D-STOP. Dr. Bhat is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading expert in the areas of regional planning and travel demand modeling, activity-travel behavior analysis, and social mobility-related considerations, including social equity and environmental justice studies.
  • Dr. Zhanmin Zhang – Dr. Zhang is a Professor and holds the Clyde E. Lee Endowed Professorship in Transportation Engineering, where he also serves as Director of the Center for Resilient Infrastructure and Smart Cities (CRISC). Dr. Zhang is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise in large-scale infrastructure systems simulation, robust maintenance policies, optimal resource allocation, innovative financing mechanisms, and infrastructure resilience and interdependencies.
  • Mr. Robert Harrison – Mr. Harrison is a Senior Research Scientist. As an economist, his research currently focuses on NAFTA trade corridors and inland ports, freight planning and megaregions, Texas-Mexico border trade issues, and policy and economic issues related to the Texas Gulf ports, including the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.
  • Dr. Stephen Boyles – Dr. Boyles is an Associate Professor. He is an expert in traffic assignment and simulation, with a focus on static and dynamic network models, roadway pricing, and emerging vehicle technologies.
  • Dr. Jennifer Duthie – Dr. Duthie is a Research Engineer. She is leading efforts to create a single point of access for transportation data and tools through the D-STOP-funded  “Data Rodeo,” a key feature in the City of Austin’s Smart City Challenge Grant proposal, as well as the MetroLab Network collaboration.
  • Dr. Ming Zhang – Dr. Zhang is an Associate Professor in the Community and Regional Planning Program at UT. His recent research is focused on the influence of the built environment on travel mode choice for work and non-work purposes, development of metrics of urban form, transit-oriented development, high-speed rail, and urban spatial development. He is Director of the recently awarded UTC Tier 1 Center for Cooperative Mobility for Competitive Megaregions.

“As a designated Beyond Traffic Innovation Center, CTR will provide a progressive vision to inspire new pathways to addressing safety, mobility, resiliency, and reliability considerations on our transportation systems, and ensure an equitable, inclusive system that enhances the quality of life for all Americans. This is recognition of the cutting-edge research, education, and technology transfer activities undertaken by the community of CTR researchers and thought leaders,” notes CTR Director Chandra Bhat.

Graphic displaying our available resources and ongoing collaborations

The BTIC will leverage our available resources and ongoing collaborations

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