Bob Gilbert Named to the UT Academy of Distinguished Teachers

Dr. Bob Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert holds the Brunswick-Abernathy Regents Professorship in Soil Dynamics & Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. Bob Gilbert has been elected to the UT Academy of Distinguished Teachers. The Academy represents the university’s commitment to excellence in teaching. Only 5% of the tenured faculty at UT are named to the Academy, whose members advise the president and provost on matters related to the university’s instructional mission and mentor new faculty, among other responsibilities. “This is a very well-deserved award that underscores not only Bob’s exceptional performance in the classroom, but also all that he does outside of the classroom to mentor and educate our students,” stated CAEE Department Chair Rich Corsi. For CTR, Gilbert’s most recent work was on TxDOT Research Project 0-6603Long-Term Performance of Drilled Shaft Retaining Walls, a project that made use of Gilbert’s geotechnical expertise to advance the understanding of the behavior of drilled shaft retaining walls installed through expansive clay. Cantilever drilled shaft retaining walls are common earth-retaining structures in Texas. The behavior of the underlying clay found in many regions of Texas can adversely affect the stability of the state’s bridges and other transportation infrastructure, so monitoring and analyzing the clay’s behavior is essential.


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