Jen Duthie Explains DTA Use for CTRMA Project

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) contacted CTR because the community asked for data that would help them understand how the addition of Express Lanes on MoPac could impact travel times on the street network within downtown Austin, especially around Cesar Chavez Street. CTR conducted an independent analysis of the potential impacts associated with four configurations currently being considered by conducting a local dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) study. DTA is an enormously useful tool already in use in Central Texas for a variety of applications. DTA allows planners to predict how travelers will shift their routes in response to changes in the roadway system, and how those decisions will affect the congestion we all experience daily. Learn more about the results of this study through this video interview with Jennifer Duthie, Ph.D., Director of the Network Modeling Center at CTR. CTRMA created the video as part of the MoPac South Environmental Study, an initiative designed to determine the best alternatives for improving mobility and safety for the Austin area.

Dr. Duthie’s group offer DTA training workshops for researchers and practitioners; find out more.


Posted by Maureen Kelly  |  Category : Network Modeling Center