D-STOP Student of the Year Presents at UTC Spotlight Conference

The 9th University Transportation Center (UTC) Spotlight Conference on Connected and Automated Vehicles took place on November 4–5, 2015, in Washington, D.C. The field of connected/automated vehicles has emerged as a high-priority research area for universities and government agencies alike, as a result of its potential to spur revolutionary change across all transportation modes. The event identified roles that UTC programs have in developing new tools and concepts to enhance the deployment of these advanced technologies.

CTR/D-STOP Director Dr. Chandra Bhat was on the event’s Organizing Committee, which assembled a conference program focusing on the impact of CV/AV on the four cluster areas identified in the NCHRP report “Connected/Automated Vehicle Research Roadmap for AASHTO”:

  • institutional and policy
  • infrastructure design and operations
  • planning
  • modal applications.
Alice Chu presented her team’s research on collision warning systems

Alice Chu presented her team’s research on collision warning systems for connected vehicles

Plenary and breakout sessions allowed practitioners and academics to discuss research priorities and gaps. Attendees covered such key challenges as institutional challenges (transportation agency readiness, workforce development/education), technical challenges (data availability, interoperability and standards, cybersecurity), and the field’s accompanying uncertainties (market penetration rates, automated ethical decisions).

The reception was well attended, with a presentation of over 30 posters highlighting graduate students’ research work in various areas of CV/AVs. D-STOP’s Student of the Year, Alice Chu, represented CTR with her team’s research poster on vehicular ad-hoc network simulations of overtaking maneuvers on two-lane rural highways. This work is a part of the Communications and Radar-Supported Transportation Operations and Planning (CAR-STOP) research project for TxDOT, whose objective is to explore developments in DSRC communications and automotive radar technology for the potential to improve roadway safety.

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