2015 December 01

D-STOP’s Summer Internship Results in TRB Presentation

D-STOP, in coordination with another USDOT Tier 1 research unit, the Center for Highway Pavement Preservation, hosted an 11-week summer internship for engineering undergraduates interested in transportation. The University Transportation Center (UTC) Undergraduate Internship (UI) provides interns with unique insight into transportation education and helps prepare them for a possible career in the field. The …

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Student Spotlight: Alice Chu

Student Spotlight: Alice Chu

Name: Alice Chu Hometown: Cupertino, California Current position: Graduate Research Assistant to Dr. Chandra Bhat Hobbies: Cycling, finding inspiration in modern architecture, traveling to new cities Recent News: Named D-STOP’s 2015 Outstanding Student of the Year  Where were you before you came to pursue your graduate degree at UT? I graduated in 2008 with a B.S. in Computer Science from the …

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