Better Streets Week ATX Comes to CTR

Photo of Audience at tables

Not in the audience? Watch the full presentation here.

Better Streets photo, Dr. Bhat presenting

CTR Director Chandra Bhat welcomes attendees.

CTR contributed to the City of Austin’s Better Streets Week program (October 25 –31, 2015) by hosting a lunchtime presentation on October 26. Better Streets Week was designed to bring to the community top speakers on local transportation issues and included over a dozen free talks, tours, and social events.

The CTR lunch event, titled “Fast-Paced Stories: What Transportation Data Tells Us,” highlighted key findings that point to solutions for our mobility future. Researchers from UT Austin, the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and Texas State University used a brisk presentation format to translate research findings into layman’s language; each seven-minute talk concluded with three minutes for Q&A and discussion. Dr. Jen Duthie, Director of CTR’s Network Modeling Center, spearheaded the event organization for CTR.

Over 100 people signed up to hear about these topics (the presentation slides are linked):
1. Nurturing Citizen Planners: The Toolkit (Greg Griffin, Texas A&M Transportation Institute)
2. Walking and Biking Crashes: What Austin-area Data Shows (Joan Hudson, Texas A&M Transportation Institute)
3. Low-Cost Centimeter-Accurate Mobile Positioning (Todd Humphreys, D-STOP)
4. Engaging Diverse Groups: The ISTEP Program (Billy Fields, Texas State University)
5. Traffic Deaths and Injuries in Austin: What Can We Learn from Open Data? (James E. Pustejovsky, UT Austin)

Photo of State Representative Celia Israel moderating the panel.

State Representative Celia Israel moderated the panel.

Texas State Representative Celia Israel moderated the presentations; you can view the entire event here. Representative Israel serves on the House Transportation and Elections Committees, as well as the Transportation Sub-Committee on Long-Term Infrastructure and Planning.

The University Transportation Center for Data-Supported Transportation, Operations, and Planning (D-STOP) helped sponsor the event as part of its technology transfer mission, with additional support from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

CTR contributed later that week to NACTO events as well (the National Association of City Transportation Officials 2015 conference took place in Austin October 28–31; the Better Streets Week series dovetailed with the NACTO conference). Dr. Duthie moderated a panel on October 29 on the topic of “Harnessing Big Data for Transportation Decision Making.” She was joined by the NMC’s Dr. Natalia Ruiz Juri, who spoke on the data discovery environment CTR is developing with UT’s Texas Advanced Computing Center as a place to collect and analyze regional transportation data. Later that evening, Dr. Duthie participated in a panel hosted at RideScout‘s local headquarters on the topic of public/private agency collaborations. She represented the perspective of a university researcher trying to work across agencies of various types.

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