Kockelman Leads Testbed Effort for NSF Project

Dr. Kara Kockelman (photo)CTR transportation faculty Dr. Kara Kockelman is part of a new $12 million research network aimed at building sustainable, healthy, and livable cities. The project is titled Integrated Urban Infrastructure Solutions for Environmentally Sustainable, Healthy, and Livable Cities. Funded by the National Science Foundation’s Sustainability Research Network program, and led by the University of Minnesota,

the network is the first of its size to focus on ways to reimagine infrastructure—energy grids, transportation systems, green spaces, and food and water systems—in order to create cities that are highly functional, promote the health of residents and the environment, and have that intangible “vibe” called livability that makes cities desirable places to live and work.

Dr. Kockelman is leading the project’s transportation testbed and is on the project’s steering committee. The network will harness the efforts of eight US university centers as well as the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras.

Find out more about the creation of the research network.

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