NMC Hosts Successful 2015 Open House

The Network Modeling Center (NMC) held another successful open house on May 1, 2015. The NMC used the event to showcase the tools they’ve developed to enable regional collaboration and sharing of transportation data. With a theme of “Transforming Regional Transportation through Data,” the Open House provided a forum for a conversation about how the NMC’s data modeling and storage efforts can benefit public agencies in the region. View the day’s photo album on Facebook.

Hosted at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) facility on campus, staff also demonstrated how UT Austin’s expertise can be leveraged to keep Central Texas on the cutting edge of Big Data applications. Combining the TACC’s data storage and analytics capacities—including some of the world’s most powerful computing resources—with the NMC’s advanced modeling tools creates a win/win scenario for transportation agencies looking to both store and benefit from their Big Data inventories.

About 50 people attended from agencies across the region to participate in the program, which featured the following components:

  • Presentation: The Value of Data Sharing (Dr. Jen Duthie, CTR and Dr. Matt Vaughn, TACC)
  • Demonstrations: Building Blocks of a Regional Data Warehouse
  • Brainstorming Session: Discussion of data needs for the region and in individual districts.

The event began with opening comments from CTR’s Dr. C. Michael Walton, CAMPO’s Phil Tindall, and TACC’s Dr. Niall Gaffney. Noted NMC Director Dr. Jen Duthie, “May’s open house was a significant step in the conversation of leveraging the immense resources at UT to serve the transportation needs of our community.”
Open House signage

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