D-STOP Partner Center, WNCG, Welcomes New Director for Three-Year Term

Original article by Lauren Bringle

photo of Dr. Shakkottai

The new WNCG Director, Sanjay Shakkottai

The Wireless Networking & Communications Group (WNCG) is an instrumental component of the D-STOP center. Every few years, WNCG welcomes a new Director and Associate Director from among its faculty ranks. The outgoing director, as well as  the new director and associate director, are all D-STOP researchers.

After completing his three-year term in December 2014, Director Robert Heath made way for Associate Director, Prof. Sanjay Shakkottai, to take the helm as WNCG’s new leader. Prof. Constantine Caramanis now serves as the new Associate Director. This rotation allows the Associate Director to train for three years before becoming Director.

During his three-year term, Prof. Heath increased the size and depth of faculty membership in WNCG and expanded the research focus to include Data Sciences, an emerging area at the intersection of data analytics and networks. The new faculty brought to the center interests in information and coding theory, stochastic geometry, risk analysis in networks, electromagnetics, and optics for communications systems, as well as other areas of expertise.

Over the years, WNCG’s expertise in Data Sciences has broadened to include applications to wireless communications and networks, social networks, and transportation systems. WNCG will continue to grow in this rapidly advancing field under Prof. Shakkottai’s leadership.

Photo of Dr. Heath

Outgoing Director Robert Heath

As Director, Prof. Heath worked tirelessly to revise, renew, and improve the quality and benefits of the Industrial Affiliate Program, as well as implement a new membership level.

“During my directorship, I enjoyed working with the faculty, students and affiliates,” Prof. Heath states. “I am proud that I was able to introduce a second level of affiliate membership, which provides the means for even tighter collaborations between faculty and Industrial Affiliates. I feel confident that the WNCG will continue to excel under Prof. Shakkottai’s leadership.”

Prof. Shakkottai has been with WNCG since its foundation in 2002 and continues to build on the foundations of his predecessor by establishing a Level III program for Industrial Affiliates. This new membership level includes additional opportunities for faculty and student engagement in research collaborations and other membership perks.

photo of Dr. Caramanis

New Associate Director Constantine Caramanis

The new Associate Director, Prof. Caramanis, has been instrumental in overhauling WNCG’s communications strategies and making the work of WNCG students and faculty more available to the larger research community.

“I look forward to continuing to make WNCG’s research more visible to the outside world,” Prof. Caramanis states. “Connecting our work with researchers and industry is a key strategic goal for future impact. I also look forward to working with Prof. Shakkottai as Associate Director of WNCG.”

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