ACI Honors Three CTR Faculty Researchers

The  American Concrete Institute (ACI) has recently honored three CTR faculty researchers. 

Professor Maria Juenger has been named an ACI Fellow.  Dr. Juenger was elected on the basis of her research in concrete materials and her contributions to ACI through committees. She currently serves at the Chair of ACI committee 236 – Material Science of Concrete and is a voting member of several other committees. Dr. Juenger’s research examines the materials science and chemistry of cement and concrete, including cement manufacturing, hydration reactions and microstructural development, low-energy binders for concrete, supplementary cementitious materials, and chemical deterioration processes in concrete. 

Professor Kevin Folliard and research assistant Thano Drimalas received the ACI Wason Medal for Materials Research for a paper co-authored with two colleagues from the University of New Brunswick (Drs. Michael Thomas and Raj Dhole). Entitled “Characterization of Fly Ashes for Sulfate Resistance” this journal paper was based on research performed under TxDOT Project 4889 (Resistance of Concrete Exposed to External Sulfate Attack), a project in which Dr. Folliard served as the Principal Investigator. The Wason Medal is awarded annually by the ACI to a refereed technical paper based on its original research work on concrete materials and their use, or a discovery that advances the state of knowledge of materials used in the construction industry. The Wason Medal will be presented to the authors at the ACI Convention in April 2015 in Kansas City, MO. This is Folliard’s second Wason Medal for Materials Research—he previously won this award in 2010 for a paper reporting research on the prediction of thermal stresses in bridge decks, as part of research performed under TxDOT Project 4563 (Prediction Model for Concrete Behavior). That project team included Dr. Juenger as well.

At the ACI Board of Directors fall 2014 meeting, Professor Oguzhan Bayrak received ACI’s Chester Paul Siess Award for Excellence in Structural Research. The annual award honors a paper that describes a notable achievement in experimental or analytical research that advances the theory or practice of structural engineering and, most importantly, recommends how the research can be applied to design.



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