CTR Helps Prep STEM Students

photo of Dr. Yildirim speaking to students

Dr. Yetkin Yildirim gives these high school students some tips for college success.

On November 13, CTR hosted a group of high school students from Houston’s Harmony School of Ingenuity, a college preparatory charter school, as part of the students’ UT Austin tour. Dr. Yetkin Yildirim discussed some key principles for success in a college environment, such as managing time well, resisting the snooze button, and finding the upside of a bad grade.

photo of Harmony School of Ingenuity students with Lisa Loftus-Otway

CTR researcher and administrative manager Lisa Loftus-Otway answers questions posed by the students.

He stressed the importance of establishing connections, such as through field-related extracurricular activities and study groups and getting to know the professors, as such connections can pay off when students begin their careers. Seek out mentors in your field, he advised the teens, to make sure your current path is one you want to continue on. Dr. Yildirim also touched on essential non-academic topics, such as living with roommates, managing daily expenses, and staying healthy.

As part of their introduction to college life, the students also visited the University of Texas at San Antonio during this excursion. The Harmony School is a STEM-focused institution.

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